Company Information

ADDIMA is a strategy consulting firm with niche expertise in public policy and government restructuring.

Since its establishment in 2003, ADDIMA has served a large number of clients in Europe and the Middle East, in diverse industries including banking, healthcare, real estate, franchising and hospitality, oil, petrochemicals, construction, manufacturing, aviation, FMCG, and media.

ADDIMA has of late focused on niche public sector areas, such as education, economic development, central banking, public finance management, center of government, rule of law and governance, consumer protection, parliamentary restructuring.

Very recently, ADDIMA has launched pioneering behavioral insights offerings, making it practically the first consulting firm in the Middle East to apply behavioral economics and insights to public policy.

ADDIMA is headquartered in Lebanon and has but serves clients in many countries in the region including Qatar, Kurdistan (Iraq) and Kuwait.

Our Mission
We provide specialized strategy and management consulting services, providing our clients with policy insights, creative solutions, and a platform to realize their visions.

Our Key Attributes
ADDIMA operates as a boutique consulting firm, which allows it to compete with the large players in the region. ADDIMA’s differentiating factors are:
  • Our team has niche expertise in public policy, public sector reform and organization restructuring gained through years of hands-on experience with many Governments in the region
  • We are the first consulting firm in the Middle East to apply behavioral insights to public policy challenges using Randomized Controlled trials (RCTs), in areas of public finance management, consumer protection, environment, food security, citizenship, to name a few
  • Given that many of us have worked in Government, we know Government expectations and can best tailor our recommendations to their own distinctive needs
  • In addition to prior Government experience, our team has also worked in international organizations and multinationals including fortune 500 companies, in areas of finance, investment and commercial banking, information technology, and strategy consulting
  • We have a firm commitment to the social and economic development of the region, and care to extend the culture of strategic planning and performance monitoring beyond the reach of the select few. We pride ourselves on having strong CSR benefiting NGOs, education institutions and government development initiatives in the region
  • We are one of the few consulting firms which combine practical experience with applied academic research and insights
  • Our unique experience allows us not only to see, but also to project the big picture to our clients.

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