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Organization Engineering

As part of our management practice, ADDIMA can support its clients in the following domains:
  • Organizational and functional structure: Every organization needs a proper organizational and functional structure to establish clear and authorized formation of all departments and positions within the company. ADDIMA can help its clients re-design their organizational structure through developing organizational charts in line with the client’s industry, reflecting the needed controls and segregation of duties.
  • Authority matrix: Clear definition of accountability and responsibility is a critical success factor for any organization. Thus, following the development of the organizational and functional structure, ADDIMA can help its clients develop an authority matrix which can be used as a very useful management and communication tool. The matrix identifies roles and responsibilities and communicates levels of authority throughout the organization with the aim of creating the right balance and reducing the time taken in decision making. Completing this step will help eliminate confusion of roles and responsibilities that ultimately results in chaos, and at worst, failure to meet organizational goals.
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR): Within the scope of this service, we can support you in restructuring the organizational business processes and structures within your company to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's processes. Our consultants can also support in defining and mapping the new processes, developing and transforming your company towards digitization and automation of its business processes.
  • Development and Implementation of Policies and Procedures: this includes the development of:
    • Financial and accounting policies and procedures
    • Accounting transactions manual
    • HR policies and procedures
    • Budgeting and reporting policies and systems
    • Information security policies and procedures

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