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Many companies suffer from an inefficient setup of staff and management, most often hindering the progress and evolution of the company. At ADDIMA, we help our clients restructure their HR, develop the needed documents, and place every person in the right position, empowering management to better manage and control the company’s HR function, both efficiently and effectively. Our HR consultants can help your company develop:
  • HR Strategy: Our strategy and management consultants will help cascade your corporate strategy into the HR strategy in an effort to drive strategy into the organization and align the objectives of the HR department with the organization’s strategy. This tool provides clarity and empowerment to your middle management allowing them to contribute to achieving the mission and vision of the organization
  • Job Descriptions: Job descriptions are important documents indicating the qualifications, responsibilities, duties, and obligations of each position in the company. ADDIMA can develop for its clients a full set of job descriptions matching all positions within the company
  • Recruitment Plan: In contrast to the typical short-term recruitment process that focuses narrowly on filling anticipated vacancies for the current year, our consultants will help you develop a recruitment plan to ensure continuity
  • Compensation & Benefits Manual: Based on your company’s organization structure, ADDIMA can work together with your management and executives to establish a salary grade for each classification level within the organization and place your employees within the salary range, based on knowledge, skills and abilities of each. In addition, we can also support you in developing an Incentive Pay Plan and link it to the achievement of goals
  • HR Manual and Employees Handbook: the HR Manual and Employee Handbook define the guidelines for all management and staff regarding their rights and duties, they detail the issues such as promotions, salaries, grievances, benefits and much more. Building an effective and flexible HR program will ensure any organization the right path towards a strong workforce, solid work ethics, lesser turnover, and better overall job satisfaction. At ADDIMA, we apply our time and tested methods of helping our clients reach their potential, mission, and vision through collaboration and team-oriented actions

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