Strategy Formulation
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Strategy Formulation

Strategy is what drives the enterprise. It defines what the company is, where it wants to go, and how it plans to get there. The core strategy of any business should include:
  • Types of products and services the business offers
  • Types of customers that the business serves
  • Global markets served
  • Major sources of competitive advantage
  • Competitive profiles and positioning
  • Functional strategy for value-adding activities
  • Investment strategy
ADDIMA has developed a rapid end-to-end strategy formulation and strategy execution framework to help our clients successfully develop and adopt advanced strategies and achieve their potential. Through a series of intensive workshops we introduce management to the best-practices in developing mission and vision statements and formulating their strategy. The strategy formulation process is much different than the strategy execution phase. Strategy formulation is heavy on analysis and on the input of various experts in the market, financial, process, and resource areas. Once the strategic plan is in place, we can also set up and activate the strategy execution systems to ensure proper implementation of the strategy.

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