Strategy Formulation
Strategy Assessment
Balanced Scorecard

Strategy Assessment

ADDIMA will help its clients assess the viability of their strategies and chart the shortest route towards success.

Strategic Audit: A strategic audit comprises evaluating a client’s strategic objectives, organization structure, current processes, workflows, market, industry and competition to assess and report on the ability of the organization to execute its current strategy and achieve its future vision. The outcome of this service is a report outlining the recommendations and actions needed to profit from the opportunities, mitigate risks, and align the organization to achieve its vision.

Business War Gaming: Business war gaming helps an organization evaluate market conditions, simulate competition reactions, and assess its readiness against possible strategic scenarios that lead it to achieve one or more of the following:
  • Profitability
  • Bigger Market Share
  • Penetrating a market
  • Differentiation
The outcome of this service is a management consensus around a common strategy and its tactics.

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